Top Accessories for Macbook Pro 16 inch

Hey guys,

Here are some accessories to go with your Macbook Pro 16 inch. Check them out through the links below, I get a small commission at no cost to you :)

Laptop stand with vents for cooling:

This is good for ergonomic purposes to improve posture. I get neck and scapular pain if my shoulders are elevated for too long and my neck is flexed for too long. This stand is a great solution, along with a keyboard attachment to place in an ergonomic position.

Laptop case:

The aluminium frame on the Macbook looks great, but it has a tendency to scratch easily. While it won't look terribly, it is still nice to protect your expensive device.

Laptop Sleeve:

I use this to protect my laptop when I stuff it into my bag or if I am traveling light and carrying the laptop in hand. The extra charger case is a nice touch as the macbook chargers have a tendency to break down.


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