Quotatious Monday

"It is not easy, but in Christ, it is good"- Pastor at Redemption Church

When it comes to religious beliefs, there are a lot of misconceptions. This is especially true with the Christian faith. In fact, my first photography gallery (still on display here) was an exploration of the fundamental principles of the Christian faith (side note: subscribe to stay be notified when the follow up is released), deconstructing it to its main principle, which is the sep...you know what? I don't want to ruin it for you so you should just go over and view the gallery, it's worth it.

So, misconceptions. A common misconception is that life becomes easier when you become a Christian. Lol. The truth is that it may even get tougher for some. It's challenging to have faith during tough times and some will argue it is a test to build your faith. Regardless, the fact remains that you are not exempt from suffering and hardship based on your faith. Christ died a gruesome death and he was as faithful as could be. Remember that?

So, what am I saying? Faith changes perspectives, not circumstances.... WHAAAAT! Yo chill with quotes Chuks. They're not ready!



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