Quotatious Monday

Don't. Say. A. Thing. Yes, I haven't posted in a while. Yes, you saw this coming. But you know what? I don't need your judgmentalness right now. Why? Because the past is the past and we limit forward progression when we focus on things behind us...did that work?

Alright, here's today's quote.

"Forever young. I want to be, forever young. Do you really want to live for forever...forever young?"

When I was 22, I made a promise to myself. I promised that no matter what, I would not succumb to the cliche of modern living. That is, get a good job, get married, have children, cry about the things you wished you could've done, then die.

*Disclaimer, this perspective is coming from a place of luxury. I have wonderful parents who have supported me, allowing me to make reckless decisions and not fall into complete disaster. Disclaimer over.

At 22, I was going through an internal crisis, and experiencing what I would later come to identify as depression. Things were not good. Long story short, I eventually came to realize that a lot of the crises and uncertainties I had were fictional; not in the sense that they didn't exist but that they were insignificant to life. And I'm not talking about psychological life or biological life, although they intersect; life is too grand of a concept to fit one perspective. Rather, my problems were insignificant to existing. The memories of man's feats only persist for the pleasure of man and in turn perpetuates the maniacal race for "success" that we all seek. For example, a viral infection could kill every human on earth and nothing we accomplished would have significance. Dark. I know. But enlightening.

I fully embraced this newfound perspective, marrying the quote, "it's not that deep, bro", as a way of reminding myself that come failure or success, encounters with difficult people, ignorance, and other concepts that we have constructed, they're mostly insignificant and dare I say toxic; they have become the noose that is slowly strangling away the joys of living and become the pain that forbids us to be boy, or girl.

With that, I leave with this: laugh, cry, love, fail, succeed. Be like a child and chase what lights your heart. Just remember, the experience of life is what is good and meaningful.



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