Quotatious monday

"Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become wind."

- Guru Laghima

One of my favorite quotes comes from an animated TV series aimed at teenagers. Avatar: The Legend of Korra, saw one of its main characters go through a transformation process that allowed him to fully realize the meaning of this quote, his mantra.

Backstory. The quote was formulated by an ancient monk who was an air bender and accomplished the feat of flight, a feat no other air bender has accomplished. The character that recited this quote eventually came to understand its meaning upon losing his girlfriend, the last thing that had him tethered to the earth. Upon losing his girlfriend, he was emptied, and he flew.

So, what am I saying? Females will hold you down, therefore, you must disregard them... Not really. The moral and application to non-animated/scripted reality is that there are things in life that will hold you back, or keep you tethered. Letting go of these things, sometimes, could be the key to your liberation, allowing you to be free like the wind.

The flow of the wind is not hindered by external factors, but rather it is free to be molded, adapting to its environment. In order to be the wind, you must not be tethered.


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