The weekly plug

Here's a list of five interesting things I have been exploring this week (shouts out to Tim Ferriss for the inspiration):

What I finished watching:

The end of the F***ing world. If dark and unorthodox romance story is your thing, then you will enjoy this. The show is unique, the storytelling remains fresh and concise throughout, and the pace of the show and length is near perfect.


"You gotta lead before you get left" - Apparently not Taylor Swift. See the quotatios monday post for elaboration on this quote.


Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee, XX Espresso. This has been my go to for store bought cold brew coffee and continues to be my favorite, taste-wise, to date. Strength is aight. I get mine from Safeway as they usually have the best price (~4 dollars).


Sprouts sour gummy bears. If you have an aggressive sweet tooth and no self-control like I do, you may be better off avoiding this because I am pretty sure this is how addictions start. Seriously, my stomach and tooth hurt but I am still eating it. I need help guys.


Album: Shanti EP, Artist: Raveena. Smooth instrumental over an incredibly soothing voice. You're welcome.



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