Quotatious Monday

"You gotta lead before you get left" - Apparently not Taylor Swift

Do you ever sing a song and find yourself amazed at your pin-point recollection...only to find out the actual lyrics are not even close to your rendition? Remember singing about starbuck's lovers and feeling like the world was a lie after finding out the actual lyrics state "star-crossed lovers"? Just me? Alright. FYI, I'm rambling (post starts next paragraph), but the point here is that I was tricked by Ms. Swift once again. Today's quote was meant to be a T Swift lyric, but Taylor did not actually say it. I thought this was the actual lyric but found out otherwise with a quick Goodle search #HoldTightGoogle. The actual words are, "you gotta leave before you get left." I don't know what to do with that quote so I am going with my misnomer (I know, that's not what the word means)

History is a tale of those who did (heyyyyy, go on with your quotatious self, Chuks. That's a freebie for you guys). There are other people in these historical recollections but their stories are either not mentioned or brief due to it's irrelevance in shaping the discourse/conversation at hand. They got left. I just finished reading the biography of Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. In this book, you are given the genesis and maturation of Elon's various ventures. While there are many things to admire from Elon's story, the most outstanding feat that he accomplished was taking a chance and believing in ventures that many deemed a waste of time and impossible. The doubters were plenty and Elon failed many times, affirming their notions. He was an outlier, chasing a future that everyone deemed infeasible. That was until he did the impossible and made the infeasible feasible. He accomplished successful private space launches that brought about vast innovations to an outdated industry while drastically improving the cost efficiency of the process along the way. Elon did not only accomplish the impossible, he redefined what was possible. His companies now stand as leaders in their respective sectors, accomplishing what other's cannot, leaving some to even drop out of competition.

This is life. You either lead or get left. The only thing that could make this story sweeter would've been the comfort of Taylor's voice in my ear reciting today's quote, but that won't be happening. So, I leave you with this; don't fall victim to lowering your expectations to meet that of others. BE a leader and let the others get left. And history will tell your tale.


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