Quotatious Monday

WOOOH! Quotatious Monday, wait for it.... on a Monday!

Ever hear the phrase, "it is better to give than to receive"? What a bunch of malarchy! My mom would recite this phrase to me in my youth and my response was always the same--Westbrook say "whaaat? You tripping!" I know, I know, I obviously didn't say that to my mom, I mean, this was way before those iconic words ever graced the internet. Point is, the idea that giving something could produce more satisfaction than receiving seemed like the concoction of a mad person or a clever person trying to give you the okie doke.

An ex-client imparted this week's quote on me as he told me about his business. His greatest success? He said it was his employees. The key to a successful business that he learned was to support his employees. Rather than taking home plump wages, he distributed these wages across his employees. To him, his accomplishment was more meaningful if he could take others with him.

As I've grown older, my fondest memories have come to be those that involved gifting or helping someone. Oh age, why must thouest showest thy face again, accompanied byest thy lingering friend, enlightenment. It's quite insane the thrill that can be experienced from giving. Sometimes it's giving someone a smile. I remember there was a guy at the hospital I volunteered at that had a way of smiling and saying hello that would make you smile in a way that pissed you off, because you would catch yourself and think, "why am I cheesing this hard?" That guy was a damn angel!

Anyways, giving is chill. For me, I have decided to make this a staple and measuring stick for my career. I hope you guys can find the pleasure in giving as well. If not, receiving is also chill.

Okbi. This post was brought to you by sleep deprivation.


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