Quotatious Monday

The implication of this week's quote actually has nothing to do with bodybuilding. Sure it can be applied to the sport, but for me, this quote is a representation of the often overlooked concept of sacrifice. A lot of people will tell you what they desire but then follow up with excuses about why they can't achieve their desires. I've come to realize most people just like to mention things they desire but are not willing to put in the work necessary to accomplish said desires. They value their comfort more than they value their desires. Racial tension, amongst other socio-political issues, is one area where I've recognized the lack of sacrifice or unwillingness to take action that could bring about the desired change. In light of the rising tension in America over racial issues, many have jumped to voice their support by kneeling, standing, raising their fist, or marching in protest. Watch closely and you will quickly realize most people are not willing to make sacrifices required to address the issues they vehemently (#vocabulation) speak about. Upon threat of loss of employment or sponsorship, many are quick to retract from their stance. Cowboys players modified their stance after they were threatened by their boss. Lol. How are you going to be threatened out of a principle you believe in? How Sway? Everybody wants to protest the unfair treatment of people of color in the US but don't nobody want to lift no heavy ass weights--nobody wants to make sacrifices. Kneeling is easy. Marching is easy. Leaving an organization that doesn't value or support your stance and losing millions in the process? That is a sacrifice. It always amazed me how people could be kept enslaved, but looking at the comfort that falling in line provides makes it understandable. If all athletes who supported the protest refused to play, these organizations would have no other option but to rethink their stance on supporting their employees, because let's face it, take away people of color and these organizations would lose a lot of money.

Well, that escalated into a political rant quickly. Point is, if you truly believe in something, you should be prepared to lift some heavy ass weights.

#quotatiousmonday #politics #selfimprovement

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