Quotatious Monday...ON A TUESDAY!

"got yo girl in cut and she choosy..." aaaand singing done!

Welcome to another Quotatious Monday. Enjoy!

Ever find yourself stressed out about a deadline or some looming decision you have to face, then find yourself stressed about being stressed about that thing that your are stressing about? Maddening right? Even more maddening is the fact that some of the things I stress about are hypothetical scenarios I may never encounter. I used to spend hours stagnant, just thinking over these scenarios. Sometimes I would be in class or at a gathering consumed by these quandaries. Instead of cherishing those unique moments in time, I was diluting them with my worries.

So, what changed? I came to appreciate the fact that the things I worried about were simply not that deep. Here I was squandering the time I was guaranteed stressing about things I may not have lived to experience! Crazy right? I know, this sounds like some YOLO stuff but as you can tell by the vocabulation, this is obviously more complex. Accepting this principle did not mean I would live recklessly, but rather made me realize I could make my life as complex or as simple as I wanted (yes, there are factors beyond our control, but if you have the spare time to read this on your fancy tech device, I'll assume you're doing aight). Simplicity became the key to ensuring my immediate and future satisfaction.

So, how does simplicity ensure immediate and future satisfaction? For me, this meant breaking things down to their elements and learning to appreciate them in that form. People will change, but the joy you get from a good conversation is universal. Your day's may suck, but the sun will set and if you live in Arizona like I do, it will be just as unique and beautiful. Some jokes may grow old, but laughter will always be a good feeling especially when it is shared with others. Deadlines stink, but if you choose a path you're passionate about, your curiosity and passion will drive you to succeed (nobody has to motivate boys to become good at video games or girls to become good make-up artists). I think I am digressing here, so I shall wrap up.

Although the future may be uncertain, there are things that are certain that you can focus your energy towards. This will greatly reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy the present. Of course the future is uncertain, but simplifying your outlook on life can ensure future satisfaction.

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