Quotatious Monday

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This post will be the start of a series of micro-posts where I share some of my favorite quotes and expand on their meaning in my life. On that note, here is today's quote:

"You can dream but don't neglect the execution" J. Cole

Ah, to be a dreamer. A gift and a curse it is. For many, dreams and fantasies are all their aspirations ever sum up to be--lost in the comfort of their fantasy, they fail to act upon their aspirations. For some, they act upon their dreams but don't see it all the way through. Then there are the few that pursue their dreams and see it all the way through. I will openly admit that the first scenario described me, especially in my high school days. While my teachers went on about whatever they talked about, my mind constantly drifted, thinking about the cool things I wanted to do when I grew up. I didn't know or even bother to think of how I would accomplish said cool things. But alas, as dawn doth bringeth the sun, so would time bringeth me wisdom... Kidding, I daydreamed even harder in college. It was not until I was applying for jobs and graduate programs that I realized I hadn't done jack diddly doo! I was too distracted by my fantasies to realize I had accomplished nothing....

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