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Kia Ora friends! That is the Maori greeting, a lovely and catchy one, if you ask me! Anywho, back with my weekly post (sarcasm), and I think I've got a good one for you guys. Forbes posted a list of bachelor degrees with the highest salaries, see link at the bottom, and guess what degree came out on top? Engineering, you say? Ding, ding, ding, winner, winner, chicken dinner. I can't say that I am surprised. Engineering is a great field to go into due to the consistent demand, career flexibility, AND you just need a bachelors to work (and some connections). Engineering is a sweet deal! As you can see, it comprised almost 90% of that list; it should have been called "earnings for engineering degrees... and two other degrees." So, what does this mean as an undergrad or incoming undergrad? If you are looking to just get your bachelors and go into the world to work and make money, it would behoove you to consider an engineering degree. Another degree, surprisingly not listed on there, is a bachelors in nursing. This is a great degree that will lead you to a nursing career which will start you at a salary that ranks well into the top three of that list. It also provides a lot of flexibility so you can find a niche that satisfies your interests. But, like the old Antarctican proverb goes, "to lifeth there is much more than moneyeth." Money doesn't equal satisfaction or happiness for many, so choose wisely. Not sure how to decide? See my previous posts, there should be something on there about finding passion...or maybe I will post something like that in the future. Anywho, give the link a look and stay tuned for more content. Drop a comment and let me know if you have any questions. Cheers


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