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Hey guys!

In the spirit of seeking growth and improvement of this blog, I will be expanding its scope and content. One of the reasons I started this blog was to have a platform to analyze topical issues and have discourse around said issues. Starting with this series, I will officially be taking a new approach to the content of this blog. In contrast to my prior posts, which were more closed-ended in their presentation, this new series will aim to foster discussion from the audience. In order to embrace this, each Daily Discourse post will be brief, only highlighting key points on the topic at hand and posing thought questions.

The series will feature a speaker who, in my opinion, has an insightful and seemingly unbiased assessment of topical issues. There will obviously be selection bias due to my personal views but I will always present speakers that approach the topic from a logic-driven viewpoint rather than pathos-driven.

Above all, the ultimate goal of the blog still stands firm, and that is to inspire and seek enlightenment through discussion. I hope the new additions will greater serve this purpose.

On that note, here is Noam Chomsky speaking on the genesis of Isis. The video is part of a full interview but the point is essentially made in this segment. I found this clip interesting because it gives details on the invasion of Iraq during the Bush era and he speaks on the mechanisms that might have led to the formation of ISIS.

Some thought questions to consider: based on this knowledge, is physical intervention in the Middle East, like some of the presidential candidates suggest, a sound solution? If yes, what are some factors to consider in order to avoid the recurrence of the consequential outcomes from the Iraq invasion? If not, what are some viable and effective alternatives to the rising threat of ISIS?

Give the video a look, and let the discourse begin!


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