Daily Discourse: Gun Law, Is There a Middle Ground?

Original post on 4/4/15 (enliiighten.blogspot.com/)

Welcome back to another Daily Discourse! Two parts in and I'm already slacking off, oh boy! Maybe I should just make it Weekly Discourse--that doesn't sound as catchy though *Sighs*

Anyways, let's talk guns! Our speaker for this session is the polarizing Ben Shapiro. Whether you hate him or love him, you have to respect the mans debate acumen. The embedment below contains the full interview but this link should take you directly to the gun control segment. They talk about a variety of issues, which I may or may not use in the future, but the focus here is on gun control. He makes key points that I believe both parties can agree on--the prevalence and mismanagement of mental illness in the U.S.

Thought questions:

  • Does solving the mental illness issue solve gun violence? If so, how do we achieve that? If not, why even bother addressing it?

  • If amendments were made to the constitution, why can't an amendment be made to this law?

  • Criminals don't care about the law, what impact would a nationwide ban have on criminal related gun violence?


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