What is it to give?

In a society where people construct their actions based on rewards and recognition,

I wonder truly what defines giving.

My belief is that giving is irrational;

It is the generous manifestation of the heart,

Rather than the rationale of the mind.

It is the parable of the good Samaritan,

Lending your best efforts to someone,

With no expectation of reciprocation.

Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima was a 61 year old Brazilian man;

He understood the true meaning of giving.

My knowledge of Francisco is limited to details available on the internet.

Francisco was neither wealthy or well known,

As a matter of fact he survived off the generosity of people.

Francisco was homeless.

In his final moments, Francisco gave the most generous gift of all,

He laid his life for a woman who seems to have no connection to him.

She was a stranger.

In a time where action needed to be taken,

A time where thinking things through would have cost a life,

Francisco rose and acted upon the impulse of his heart.

While the police and onlookers stood by, Francisco came to the rescue of this stranger.

Unaware of the rolling cameras, Francisco approached the gunman who had this lady pinned down, engaging him long enough to allow the ladies escape but unfortunately exposing himself to the bullets of the gunman.

Francisco continued engaging the gunman albeit his wound, diverting possible harm to any bystanders.

Once more the gunman shot Francisco before the police neutralized the gunman.

Realizing the altercation was over, Francisco is now aware of his wounds,

Stumbling towards a wall for support whilst examining his torso.

Failing to support himself, Francisco fell to the ground languidly.

As I watched the footage of the event I questioned modern giving.

It is not unusual to see someone advertising their cause on a daily basis,

Donations with names attached to them for public admiration.

It is good that we donate and are involved, but sometimes I find it difficult to distinguish between sponsors and donors.

I wonder if giving has simply become a public display of social activism,

A sticker to put next to your "go organic" or "recycle" bumper sticker.

I'm not suggesting we must die to authenticate our giving,

Rather I'm simply questioning, what's the real reason we give these days?

R.I.P Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues,

You gave generously at the footstep of the Lord, I pray he overwhelms you with His blessings.

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