Forgotten joys of the world

Today, there was a rainstorm.

In typical monsoon fashion, it was swift and full of vigor.

The living room was filled with the clamorous sound of thunder,

All too familiar but charging me with its violent whisper.

Not knowing what to expect, I placed her on my shoulder and stepped outside;

My niece will be experiencing rainstorm for the first time.

Stepping onto the damp lawn

We were welcomed by drizzles of warmth.

Showering our skin, we savored every drop

Staring admirably as the dampened sky lit up.

Rested on the safety of my shoulder

She celebrated in an unbound manner only a child could display.

Her flailing arms matched her uncontrolled laughter;

She was experiencing the world in a new way.

She stared at me, excitement beaming from her eyes,

Her face bunched up from her gaping smile.

Aside from its beauty, the rainstorm was neither magical or special to me,

It was just one of many.

But something in that moment brought about a strange sense of simplicity.

With each laughter numbing my thoughts,

Her voice shadowed all logic and noise.

Her laugh was a reflection of the forgotten joys of the world.

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